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February 2010 - Posts

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New Equipment
by Jason Marketti
As I was browsing in Target, I came across the Shake Weight. While I was shaking it, I was thinking about which patients I could use it with during a therapy session. I tried it out on a few of my patients and some of them were able to move it effectively Read More...
Stewardship of Time
by Jason Marketti
The last couple of weeks I have talked about efficiency and adaptability and only touched on the subject of being a better steward of time. This may relate to productivity but more closely on how you use the time you are responsible for. Therapy has become Read More...
by Jason Marketti
I do not like to schedule times for patient care. Rehab units are another matter and I have worked successfully under the tyrannical rule of time tables. I have also subjected myself to the outpatient setting where I have sat around for an hour or more Read More...
Efficient People
by Jason Marketti
What makes some therapists more efficient than others? Is it their CEUs, degree level, their technique? Maybe they were born that way. Some therapists will come into work and within minutes have a patient doing standing balance exercises while supervising Read More...


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