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New Equipment

Published February 25, 2010 8:47 PM by Jason Marketti
 As I was browsing in Target, I came across the Shake Weight.  While I was shaking it, I was thinking about which patients I could use it with during a therapy session. 

I tried it out on a few of my patients and some of them were able to move it effectively and some were not.  It reminded me of the first time I tried using a Bodyblade.  I couldn't figure it out, but once I did I loved it.

Like all new equipment that we use in therapy, I like to try it out first.  There are some pieces of equipment that I don't necessarily like, but I know the patients will benefit from its use, so I have them use it.   

A multiple station gym is great, but not every patient can benefit from them.  And then I think about all the uses of Theraband that I can have the patients do and wonder if all the new equipment is really worth the cost when a three foot length of T-band is cheaper and easier to set up.  I especially like to use T-band in groups for UE and LE exercises with very minimal explanation and the ease of carrying it around.  My problem is that I use up and give away most of the red color and then we don't have any more when I really need it.

So, back to the Shake Weight.  I like it.  I will try it again with some different patients and see if they are able to get the motion down effectively.  No, I didn't buy the "guy" Shake Weight, I bought the one that is seen on TV-and sometimes when I look at my arms they look exactly like the arms of the ladies who move it back and forth.  


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