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March 2010 - Posts

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CEUs and the State
by Jason Marketti
Some of the states that require CEUs for therapists only allow a certain portion to be taken at home. The other portion must be at a "live" presentation, usually on a weekend. Why can't there be continuity in CEU attainment? Some states don't require Read More...
Choose Wisely
by Jason Marketti
For the PTAs, choose your PT wisely. In some cases we may not have a choice, but if you do, interview the PT about experience in working with a PTA, their take on patient care, how progressive they like to be and what they look for in a working relationship Read More...
A Specialist in the Silo
by Jason Marketti
Will the therapy profession eventually turn into a series of specialists with doctorate degrees who have been so focused on research, school and administrative duties that they eventually lose touch with the patients they were initially committed to help? Read More...
by Jason Marketti
We were discussing a new product at work recently and decided we needed more information about it. I sent away for the information and had it delivered to my work address. The envelope had my employer address with ATTN: Jason Marketti in bold text under Read More...
Productivity, Again
by Jason Marketti
I received a notice that I should have a certain amount of productivity. No, not productivity but "efficiency." This is the new catch word that I have been seeing lately. It is probably because efficiency is done without wasted energy and the work being Read More...


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