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Productivity, Again

Published March 3, 2010 7:42 PM by Jason Marketti
I received a notice that I should have a certain amount of productivity.  No, not productivity but "efficiency." This is the new catch word that I have been seeing lately.  It is probably because efficiency is done without wasted energy and the work being well done. With productivity I don't have to do the work well. 

My efficiency rate is set higher than everyone's, and this I do not mind because I know I can do the work. Averages over six months to a year will tell that I am consistently over what is expected of me. I don't need reminders that I need to do a good, efficient job. 

One DOR told all of us that we should, "Be mindful of your productivity and efficiency, but do not let it interfere with what the patients need and to get things done."  I thought this was well said and there was no pressure to see a certain amount of patients and we never left early.

For the majority of therapists, we like to get up and move and treat patients.  If we are not treating patients, we are looking for equipment, making calls, in meetings, etc.  Should we have to be reminded that we need to be more efficient? 

When I want a patient to perform a task, such as get up out of bed, I usually tell them, "Get up."  With some exceptions like back patients, I seldom explain the smaller steps involved like bending their knees, rolling, pushing up, etc.  I simply tell the patients what I would like to see them do and for the most part they do it without me interjecting how efficient it is performed.  My thinking is that as long it is done safely the patients will manage it as they see fit. 

The same could be done with therapists. We know what needs to be done in an 8-hour day and most of us do not need reminders that we were only at an efficiency rating of 84.988% that day. 


As a facility program manager, productivity and efficiency rates are calculated differently. You may for example be 85% productive, while your efficiency may be lower.

Charmin , P.T.A. April 27, 2010 5:53 PM
Farmington MO

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