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Published March 10, 2010 2:43 PM by Jason Marketti
We were discussing a new product at work recently and decided we needed more information about it. I sent away for the information and had it delivered to my work address. The envelope had my employer address with ATTN: Jason Marketti in bold text under it. 

When I received the large envelop, it was torn open and it appeared that someone had looked through the material. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to look through it because it was clearly addressed to me. The people who collect the mail at the facility know who I am and where to deliver therapy product information. 

I could understand if the information had "ATTN: Therapy Department" written on it, but this mail had my name on it in bold print, how could anyone miss that?

Maybe it is a privacy thing for me and I would expect mail that has my name on it to be delivered to me unopened.  I have had other mail delivered to me unopened so this puzzles me. 

Perhaps it was damaged in the handling process from the vender to me, I doubt it though.  Maybe it was an honest mistake and whoever opened it realized that it was addressed to me.  When that happens a sticky note saying so would have helped.

Maybe I shouldn't have mail delivered to me at work. Although the chances of me sharing the information with others at work is greater if it is delivered there. Sometimes I get product information and CEU information at home and I discard it if I am not interested in it, not realizing that others may be. 

Why should this even bother me since I was going to share the information anyway? 


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