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CEUs and the State

Published March 30, 2010 8:07 PM by Jason Marketti

Some of the states that require CEUs for therapists only allow a certain portion to be taken at home. The other portion must be at a "live" presentation, usually on a weekend. Why can't there be continuity in CEU attainment? Some states don't require any CEUs for PTAs. Also, going to a live presentation can place a burden on the therapist financially. Employers will usually reimburse for the cost of the course, hotel, food and travel expenses. However, there is a limit on how much an employer will reimburse. Out-of-pocket expenses incur, they always do. What about single-parent therapists and child care for the weekend? Will the employer reimburse that expense? And if a course is longer than three days this impacts patient care. Perhaps revisions to the CEU requirements need to be done to ensure therapists can get the CEUs and maintain licensure.

I have children with disabilities and I do not trust them with anyone else other than my wife and sometimes it takes the two of us to maintain order on any given day. So why would a state say I must leave my family to attend a live course when we have the technology for me to take a course at home on the Internet, some with Webinar capabilities. I agree some courses require hands-on demonstration but most don't. The last wound course I took we used meat available in any supermarket to cross-hatch and practice with. With upgraded technology that carefully explains hand placement and techniques, is going to a live course necessary?

I have known some schools that do not have a cadaver to use during anatomy lessons. Guess what they use? The internet and a good anatomy program to learn the origin and insertion of muscle attachments. Since therapists are a progressive unit to make decisions on patient care, don't you think we should be able make a decision to take courses that meet our needs and family responsibilities? Some states don't think so. I agree that every state should have a standard of care but is it asking too much to have a national standard of care for therapists and assistants? Writing national standards for CEU attainment can be done with the stroke of a keyboard - how difficult can that be?


i just got accepted into the local pta program at my community college. I wanted to how the new health care bill will effect the physical therapy community. Also as a new graduate i wont to start my career traveling, do you think that would be a problem finding a job since i wont have any experience coming right out of pta school?  Also i read many blogs and websites were some pta's are saying they make 100k working snf/home health...is that possible and how much experience would you nee d to make that much?

darras, future PTA January 6, 2011 12:14 AM
phx AZ

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