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April 2010 - Posts

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Therapy Pants
by Jason Marketti
I am extremely hard on my clothes. I bend, lift and squat throughout the day and my clothes, especially shoes and pants, go through a beating. Most of my dress shoes now have permanent creases across the toes with either the sole coming loose or cracks Read More...
Coddling Patients
by Jason Marketti
The other day I was at work talking to a patient about therapy when he expressed his desire not to participate. He then called over a nurse and said I need to check with her before I see him. The nurse came over and said the patient has a right to refuse Read More...
The Stroke Recovery Center
by Jason Marketti
The Stroke Recovery Center Beverly Greer is the Administrator for The Stroke Recovery Center located in beautiful Palm Springs, California. I recently contacted her regarding the facility and what it offers to survivors of a stroke. Tell me about the Read More...
My First Write-Up
by Jason Marketti
For the first time in my career as a PTA, I have been written up. It would be easy to say it was not my fault, and technically it was not, however after discussing it with the HR person I accepted it, but still do not agree with it. The circumstances Read More...


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