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The Stroke Recovery Center

Published April 14, 2010 8:41 PM by Jason Marketti

The Stroke Recovery Center

Beverly Greer is the Administrator for The Stroke Recovery Center located in beautiful Palm Springs, California. I recently contacted her regarding the facility and what it offers to survivors of a stroke.

Tell me about the history of The Stroke Recovery Center.

We have been around for 30-plus years, having been the passion of a local physician, Irving Hershliefer. He believed people could continue recovering beyond the 30-90 days that has been the conventional wisdom. Irv died about 10 years ago and we have carried on his vision to help survivors and their families attain maximum feasible functionality. Our practice philosophy focuses on the person as a whole, taking into account the physical, cognitive and emotional deficits that are the result of the stroke or TBI. We also remember to treat every client with dignity and respect while not enabling dependent behaviors. Our research shows just how good we are at this.

I know you have a lot of programs there. Tell me about what stroke survivors look for when they come to your center.

They are primarily looking to improve their functionality be it physical, cognitive or both. Families and caregivers are looking for understanding, help to cope and respite in some cases.

How many survivors do you see coming to the center on a weekly/monthly basis?

We are seeing 10-12 new clients a month currently, which is a major increase from the years prior. Our census runs about 260 individual clients, who make about 9,000 visits a year. Monthly average of unduplicated clients is about 40.

How is The Stroke Recovery Center funded?

The center is funded by donations from individuals, foundations, family foundations, granting organizations, special-event income and our thrift store. Because of the way that long-term care rehab is funded by the government and other insurers - 30 to 90 days post stroke only - we are not eligible for any type of "healthcare funding" and neither are our clients. Therefore we give our services for free. Clients who are able may pay $25 for a yearly membership but this is not required to participate. Our current budget is about $800,000, down from about one million dollars in better years.

Tell me about the thrift shop.

The thrift shop is stocked by donations from the community. We have a truck that goes out and picks up furniture and the like. All items that are not suitable for resale are recycled to a group called Needs that in turn repairs, cleans and distributes goods to the east valley community members who are in need.

The Stroke Recovery Center is having special events planned for April and May, leading up to their major fundraiser in November - the Winter Wonderland. "We are currently seeking major funding to put together a demonstrations project. This would allow us to put the clinic on line and form a "virtual clinic" that could be accessed remotely and offer therapeutically beneficial services to survivors who are not in the immediate area. We are also seeking government funding to replicate services in other parts of California - for starters - so that more survivors and their families will have the benefit of this type of therapy," Beverly says.

She went on to say there are 14 people who work at the center and 60 volunteers. She welcomes any volunteers because, "We have lots of opportunities to help."

Beverly Greer can be reached at 760-323-7676, and at their Website: http://www.strokerecoverycenter.org/.


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