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June 2010 - Posts

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Cleaning the Department
by Jason Marketti
I have a bone to pick with state surveys. In the therapy department we are asked about how we clean our equipment and how often. We are also asked about how often we wash our hands when we see multiple patients in the gym. My problem is that blood pressure Read More...
Seating Assessments
by Jason Marketti
Recently I assessed a patient for wheelchair seating and positioning. I explained to the patient what we were going to do and found another chair that was more suited for him. After he was positioned in the chair, he did not like it. I suggested he give Read More...
I, Father
by Jason Marketti
Being dad is a gift I enjoy. To my children, I am a doctor although I have not attended medical school. I am Superman without the cape and am the ultimate adventurer, an entertainer and storyteller all rolled into one. I am the one my children come to Read More...
Going Door to Door
by Jason Marketti
Sometimes I feel like those missionaries riding around and knocking on doors to spread the "good news" about exercising. I will often go door to door in the facility trying to get patients up and moving to regain their mobility and health. There are times Read More...
Dropping Gait Belts
by Jason Marketti
Gait belts are often a requirement during gait training, transfers and balance activity. However, there are some therapists who do not use gait belts. As long as the patients are safe during the activity, it becomes an individual choice. Several years Read More...


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