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Sliding like Slater

Published August 18, 2010 5:39 PM by Jason Marketti

OK, every once in a while I say, "Right on" to employees who have had enough of dealing with the public. Steven Slater is the airline steward who cursed out a passenger and slid down the emergency exit after grabbing a beer. There is still a dispute at what caused him to do this.

Most of us know he handled the situation wrong but being frustrated can make us do strange things. Perhaps a "Serving the Public" Bill of Rights should be in order and anyone who has ever worked retail the day after Thanksgiving will know what I am talking about.

Those in health care who have been spit on, cursed at, waste thrown at them, etc. know what it is like to be frustrated and there are days we all say enough is enough. Maybe assessing penalties for those who violate our rights will curb some of the behaviors the public doles out on us who want to help.

On the other hand, while serving the public we should be aware of the hazards, abuse and non-compliance to safety, like weight-bearing precautions. Many times I have bitten my tongue at irate patients and family and silently think there has to be another career for me. That guy on the lawn mower looks like he is having fun.....hmmm.

If we can forgive the public for their ignorance and move on, then we all should have better days. The flip side is that we do not have to take the abuse and we are free to pursue other careers. But our passion to help keeps us going back day after day and I think when that passion is gone I will go out just like Steven Slater.


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