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September 2010 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

My Therapy Office
by Jason Marketti
I am now recognizing the benefits of an office. In a previous blog, I mentioned I had a desk at only one job in the past and in other cases we all shared desk space. I don't mind sharing a space and in fact I still say a therapy gym space should be used Read More...
The Director of Rehab
by Jason Marketti
I have been promoted to DOR. Now when something goes wrong with therapy (minutes not being met, coverage, squabbles etc.) I am held accountable. The bulls-eye on my back just grew. This arrangement should not change how I perceive patients and pay sources Read More...
by Jason Marketti
As we see our patients progress and toward the time of discharge, we are frequently asked about DME and where they can be purchased. It often brings me back to the time my daughter was playing the violin and rather than renting the very nice one we thought Read More...
Creative Venture
by Jason Marketti
I recently contacted Cary Cruea, a licensed massage therapist and president of Massage Bar Inc. Q: The concept to offer a massage to weary travelers is excellent. How did you make the transition from lunchtime crowds to traveling crowds? A: I believe Read More...
Pillow Props
by Jason Marketti
Recently I was seeing a patient who had a CVA. He had a small pillow placed on his uninvolved side to rest his elbow while in his wheelchair. There was no listing noted while he was seated and he really wanted the pillow placed under his elbow. So I assisted Read More...


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