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My Therapy Office

Published September 29, 2010 4:37 PM by Jason Marketti

I am now recognizing the benefits of an office. In a previous blog, I mentioned I had a desk at only one job in the past and in other cases we all shared desk space. I don't mind sharing a space and in fact I still say a therapy gym space should be used for therapy, not paperwork.

However, I see the need for an office to talk privately with other therapists about patient care, calling families on the phone and the ever-fulfilling conference calls. It is difficult to sound professional while taking a call and in the background laughing and loud talking can be heard. I cannot discourage the laughing or loud talking because it can be good for the therapist and the patient's wellness.

Space in a facility can be limiting but I can create an office in a 5'x 5' area even if it is a closet (I have typed a thesis in a similar space without much difficulty). And therapists like me sometimes want to vent but are not able to with patients around. Ideally I want the corner office with a great view of the parking lot and a cappuccino machine within arm's reach but its not going to happen.

I am in the slow process of creating an office for increased privacy and discussions that others should not overhear. The difficult part is where I want to put an office. It is a storage room filled with therapy equipment - some of it I have moved and some I am tempted to donate. The other difficulty is there are no phone jacks; this will take the skills of an electrician to put in. I am not discouraged though. I know sooner or later it will happen and when it does, do not mess with my flair or my stapler.


Jason, you raise some good points. Privacy when discussing things with an employee or sometimes even when discussing things with a patient requires more than most therapy gyms offer. Every therapeutic space needs someplace where conversations can happen without fear of being overheard.


Dean Metz September 29, 2010 11:58 AM

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