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October 2010 - Posts

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Flu Vaccine
by Jason Marketti
I am in the process of reading a book about the flu pandemic of 1918. The author, Gina Kolata, describes the processes scientists have for locating the flu virus, and testing procedures to isolate that particular strain of flu. Kind of boring? No!!! With Read More...
PT Month
by Jason Marketti
The year would not be complete without a tip of the hat or nod of the head with much respect to the PTs and PTAs who care for patients. Sometimes we can actually save people's lives by our assessments and careful observation of symptoms based on how they Read More...
PTAs, Transcripts and Skills
by Jason Marketti
Do our transcripts reflect what we know and how we deliver our skills or are they just one way to measure our success with test-taking and rote memory? Several years ago, I met an ATC who challenged the PTA exam. He told me he was a great test-taker and Read More...
Rose-Colored Rehab Glasses
by Jason Marketti
I like to see our patients succeed in therapy and I encourage them with continued success so they achieve what they set out to do. But there are some patients who do not have the endurance, strength or ability to achieve what we have set before them, Read More...


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