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November 2010 - Posts

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Endorsing Patients
by Jason Marketti
After patients have progressed to their maximum potential or during a transitional timeframe before going home, some on the caseload are seen by restorative nursing. This is strictly a nursing program in my facility, with suggested input from therapy Read More...
Low Census
by Jason Marketti
Going home early when the patient census is down can be common. This is unfortunate because we have very skilled people spending time at home and not treating patients that can benefit from their services. We are unique in that our skills and services Read More...
Strength vs. Function
by Jason Marketti
I have worked with a plethora of PTs and PTAs who all have the perfect solution to get patients better. And each one insists that their way is the best way. Some therapists will tell me to do only strengthening exercises with the patients, while others Read More...
Continuous Passive Motion
by Jason Marketti
In my search for information on total knee arthroplasty (TKA) procedures, I had come across several articles regarding the effectiveness of continuous passive motion (CPM). In my experience, CPM is great in the acute-care setting to initialize mobility Read More...


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