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December 2010 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

Techniques of a PTA
by Jason Marketti
Working in a variety of settings has helped me develop some simple tools to get patients motivated and moving in an efficient manner. Once they are up and moving, I try to maximize my time with them and get them to do as much as possible to increase their Read More...
Holiday Trivia
by Jason Marketti
Rather than discussing therapeutic events and treatment ideas, or even problem areas in the rehab setting, I thought a bit of trivia was in order. The Festival of Lights is also known as _______. In the movie "A Christmas Story," who is Victor? What is Read More...
Palpating Musculature
by Jason Marketti
I swear my body responds quickly if people lose their balance during gait. Maybe my hands are prone to pick up the smallest change in their gait pattern from the smallest quiver of their musculature to the slightest hesitation to advance their assistive Read More...
Lunch Break
by Jason Marketti
I drove around town one day to observe if any PT clinics were open during the lunch hour. Surprise, surprise, most were closed. There has been a lot of focus on outpatient therapy and I often wonder why they would be closed during an obvious time for Read More...
Coded Right
by Jason Marketti
Code 97535 is for self care and home management training, yet I seldom see this code billed for physical therapy services. In therapy, we assess and educate patients for safety procedures, adaptive equipment and compensatory training to assist patients Read More...


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