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January 2011 - Posts

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Privileged Workers
by Jason Marketti
With all the changes in health care, will therapists need to obtain hospital privileges in the near future? MDs are often graded on their mortality rate, patient satisfaction, patient complexity and in some cases handwriting, as well as being board-certified Read More...
Homemade Therapy
by Jason Marketti
In my time of treating patients and working alongside some of the brightest and most talented people in the rehab community, I have seen some interesting devices made by therapists and patients. Some of the obvious ones are the weighted PVC pipes filled Read More...
Locked In
by Jason Marketti
I recently read The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby, which was referenced in Kirk Douglas's book, My Stroke of Luck . Bauby was the editor of Elle magazine and suffered a massive stroke from a brainstem lesion, leaving only the ability Read More...
The Patient Doesn't Like Me
by Jason Marketti
Recently I had a patient who really didn't like me. The person was not mean about it but, simply stated, we did not hit it off like great buds. I can admit that it was probably the situation rather than me (at least let me think that), which created this Read More...


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