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February 2011 - Posts

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Well, Recuse Me
by Jason Marketti
There have been times that I recused myself from patient care. Once was when my landlord was in the hospital with a diagnosis of cancer. I knew my involvement might create an unwanted bias or a difficult decision-making process in the care or treatment Read More...
Recovery Perceptions
by Jason Marketti
Families can play a wonderful role in a patient's recovery and then there are families that become too involved in care. Years ago, I had given my phone number to a family member. The daughter was there every day for therapy and we had seen remarkable Read More...
My Voice is Loud
by Jason Marketti
Working in geriatrics is challenging and rewarding in the fact that we can get people to do things they thought were insurmountable just a few days ago. What I have a hard time doing is adjusting my voice to those who do not hear so well. One minute I Read More...
Ancillary Personnel
by Jason Marketti
I went on a search to find out if therapy was still considered ancillary in the health care system despite the move to the DPT. You guessed it; OT, PT and ST are often still listed as ancillary (subordinate) staff. I find this remarkable. No matter the Read More...


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