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March 2011 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

On Stage
by Jason Marketti
I went into a patient's room recently and there were about four family members present. I introduced myself and proceeded to assist the patient out of bed into the chair. Then we headed to the gym. The family filed in and sat down like they were in a Read More...
Job Security
by Jason Marketti
I recently read the therapy field is one of the top jobs to have right now. This is not the first time I have read this and it probably won't be the last. I question how this is determined though. With the reduction of reimbursements in Medicare and Medicaid, Read More...
Cost of Services
by Jason Marketti
How much are you worth? I mean how much is your time worth providing therapy, completing paperwork and taking phone calls throughout the day? This question has been answered based on what you and your employer have agreed on to be a fair wage for services Read More...
Bundling Services
by Jason Marketti
OT, PT and ST should be an automatic order for any patient who comes to a facility. Some may disagree and talk about overutilization of therapy; however, when a need arises there is an unnecessary delay in services. If a patient comes with orders already Read More...
Relinquish the Patients
by Jason Marketti
Being a PTA has given me excellent experience and is a great career for anyone who wants to be part of the health care system. The downfall is working with PTs who do not want to give up "their" patients to an assistant despite the new evaluations that Read More...


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