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Cost of Services

Published March 16, 2011 11:04 PM by Jason Marketti

How much are you worth? I mean how much is your time worth providing therapy, completing paperwork and taking phone calls throughout the day? This question has been answered based on what you and your employer have agreed on to be a fair wage for services that you provide.

What if a therapist comes through and offers the same or similar services for a lower wage? Is this part of being a good business person - offering a service for a lower wage than a competitor? Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and the lower-wage person can provide therapy cheaper, thus saving the company money and maybe even doing a better job than you. Fortunately we are in a field where the demand exceeds the supply and our wages have not taken a dramatic hit recently like they did in 1999-2000.

Based on the above, I offered to teach CPR at a reasonable rate for some people. A competitor "swooped in" and offered to do it for $8 less per person. I am glad CPR was being done; however, lowering rates to get the job cheapens what we do as professionals. I know some CPR teachers who charge double what I do. Others, like my competitor, lower rates to ensure they stay busy. Business-wise, that is smart and most people don't worry about the quality of a CPR instructor since generally we are seen just once every two years when your card expires.


Everyone in every means of business are salespeople. We sell our services, knowledge,experience etc. Healthcare is a business. If a SNF for example employs a rehab dept consisting of 3 PTs and 3 OTRs compared to anuther staffing 1 PT 2 PTAs and 1 OTR and 2 COTAs which of the 2 facilities would most likely have a lower labor cost? Would employing assistants with lower salaries comprimise quality of service . One must look at the skill level involved. I would not hire an electrician to put in a light bulb on the other hand I would not hire a handyman to re- wire my home

Tom March 16, 2011 10:14 PM

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