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Parkour in the Gym
by Jason Marketti
I enjoy challenging patients to their highest potential and will often set up an obstacle course where they have to step over several objects, traverse a floor mat, go up stairs or do some other replicated activity that is particular to their environment. Read More...
Patient Appreciation
by Jason Marketti
After every session of therapy, I like to thank patients for their time and for coming to see me, as well as tell them they have done an excellent job. Without them, I would not be doing what I do. It is so easy to give a wheelchair a final push in a Read More...
by Jason Marketti
I was recognized a while back by a physical therapist I had just met. "Aren't you the guy with the blog?" My chest swelling, I replied, "Why, yes I am." My wife, who I adore, brought me back to reality when she reminded me of the photo of me in the paper Read More...
Where's My Aide?
by Jason Marketti
Several companies I worked for in the recent past have eliminated the PT aide position. Since the aide is not a billable service, I understand why. Instead of having the patients brought to me, I have to locate them. And if I want to do a group activity, Read More...


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