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Patient Notes
by Jason Marketti
"MAMPU." I came across these letters several years ago while working at a hospital. They seemed common enough because they were repeated in the physical therapy daily notes under different days. I had never seen them before and asked for an interpretation. Read More...
Narrow Scope of Practice
by Jason Marketti
If I assist nursing with a transfer and the patient has not been evaluated by the PT, am I practicing outside of the practice act? What if I only use the hand crank on the lift device and do not touch the patient? Or what if I prevent a fall from occurring Read More...
Alternate Studies
by Jason Marketti
I enjoy studying, reading and learning about events outside of the therapy world. Because of this, I am better able to communicate and understand a great deal more about my patients. Sadly, state boards do not recognize this study in their CEU requirements. Read More...
The BP Cuff
by Jason Marketti
I am certainly not an expert on taking blood pressure and concede that when I need a more accurate reading I go to the experts, the nursing assistants. Since they are generally the ones who check blood pressure on patients more often than I do, they should Read More...


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