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June 2011 - Posts

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Confusion of Contact Hours
by Jason Marketti
Each state board regulates PT and PTA contact hours to maintain licensure. The general consensus from most of the state boards is that around 20 to 30 contact hours is sufficient for us to maintain a license in their particular state (Some state board Read More...
Tattoos, Piercings and Style
by Jason Marketti
I have a tattoo on my upper right arm. Very few people have seen it since it is hidden by the shirts I wear to work and I do not openly tell everyone I am a marked man. The three holes in my ear where hoop and cross rings once dangled (a protégé of George Read More...
In My Library
by Jason Marketti
It began with a book about Dr. Paul Farmer, Mountains Beyond Mountains: Healing the World . I quickly moved on to Lasting Valor by Vernon J. Baker, then Ice Bound by Dr. Jerri Nielson. I felt guilty with my departure when, over a weekend, I read a David Read More...
A Strange Gait
by Jason Marketti
I was with the patient briefly doing some exercises for strengthening and stability. Now it was time to get up and walk. He stood, grabbed the 4WW and did the strangest gait I have ever seen. I analyzed it harder than I did the Zapruder film. It was a Read More...
Children at Work
by Jason Marketti
On occasion, I have allowed one of my children to accompany me at work for several hours. This usually has not created problems while I treat patients and my child reads a book or finishes homework. I have worked for some companies that provide onsite Read More...


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