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A Strange Gait

Published June 9, 2011 11:29 PM by Jason Marketti

I was with the patient briefly doing some exercises for strengthening and stability. Now it was time to get up and walk. He stood, grabbed the 4WW and did the strangest gait I have ever seen. I analyzed it harder than I did the Zapruder film.

It was a combination of scissoring, neuropathic, myopathic and I would throw a little choreiform in there for good measure. Every once in a while, I come across a person who does not fit the stereotypical patterns for mobility. It leaves me scratching my head and thinking, "How did he get around before seeing a therapist?" He does get around, not safely and for short distances only, but he once again proved to me that the human body is remarkable.

I have seen burns heal that I thought would leave large areas infected, legs destroyed in accidents that healed in a staggeringly short period of time, and transfers that would seem horrible and completely unsafe if the user was a different person. The last SCI patient I remember treating for any period of time had arm mobility where he shouldn't have and was able to maneuver in a wheelchair better than anyone I had ever seen. A CVA patient had been in a coma for a week before she got up and walked out with only residual impairments; how can that happen?

Is it the diligence of the person rebounding after an injury or something way beyond our understanding that has people moving and healing when they shouldn't be? Maybe it is both, and I would like to think it is mostly due to the therapy but who am I fooling?


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June 27, 2012 12:26 AM

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