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Observational Mobility
by Jason Marketti
I am a gait enthusiast. I will observe gait wherever I am until I get a sharp jab in my ribs from my wife. I try so hard to explain the gait cycle to her and the pelvic tilt and reciprocal upper- and lower-leg motions but she never buys it and I get the Read More...
Smelling Good
by Jason Marketti
Most of the people I have worked with are conscious of how they smell. Even the patients we treat will ask, "Do I smell?" Of course the answer is no. I have worked with one or two people who seemed to refuse any deodorant of any kind. I am not sure if Read More...
‘The Marketti Phenomenon'
by Jason Marketti
I truly enjoy the history of PT and how those therapists observed and documented what they saw and which techniques worked for them. Some of those techniques have been refined but most of the observations can be repeated with the people we treat. Most Read More...
Just Pay Me
by Jason Marketti
I have been known to go to interviews, not looking for a job, but to make contact with other therapists in the area. When the conversation is steered toward money I usually ask for an exorbitant amount, which is met with mirth and the interviewer says, Read More...


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