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‘The Marketti Phenomenon'

Published July 15, 2011 8:27 PM by Jason Marketti

I truly enjoy the history of PT and how those therapists observed and documented what they saw and which techniques worked for them. Some of those techniques have been refined but most of the observations can be repeated with the people we treat. Most of the righting reactions can be duplicated and facilitated to promote functional mobility in our patients to increase independence.

With that said, I have observed something (if no one else has claimed it yet) that I'd like it call the "Marketti Phenomenon." When a patient is seated doing bilateral active ankle dorsiflexion, the patient's wrists will actively extend. I have seen this in supine as well but to a lesser extent. I tried in vain to look up information on this but was not able to find it. I am sure there is an obscure medical textbook that will dash all my hopes to have a phenomenon named after me but for a moment allow me to bask in my own glory.

Imagine years from now after we beam aboard the mother ship, Wesley Crusher will have taken over as medical director and will be discussing Bobath, Voss and this strange movement that occurs in the wrist and hands with Lieutenant Commander Data. Of course, Data will provide a full biography of me and how I had observed this over a course of 10 years but failed to read thoroughly about this discovery centuries earlier. But the name stuck. So once again I am famous, albeit, far into the future.


I'm on the Marketi spaceship to. Love you all

Terry Tesch August 16, 2011 2:34 AM
menasha WI

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