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Smelling Good

Published July 20, 2011 9:03 PM by Jason Marketti

Most of the people I have worked with are conscious of how they smell. Even the patients we treat will ask, "Do I smell?" Of course the answer is no. I have worked with one or two people who seemed to refuse any deodorant of any kind. I am not sure if they were really into the environment but I did not know how to approach them about it at the time. I do have my times as well and this is due to my heavy perspiration with a minimal work environment that I so strongly try to hold onto.

I do not suggest we have to put on the Johnson's baby powder and Polo cologne like Slick Rick but we should be aware of how we smell in regard to others. One therapist, who looks just like Gretchen Wilson, used to spray herself with body sprays throughout the day. Not sure if I could get away with it but it worked for her because it was not a heavy perfume smell that would gag you.

Most employers have a policy regarding the use (or overuse) of perfume and cologne and we should honor that, especially if we have patients who have sensitive respiratory tracts. There is also a policy regarding body odors but this should be a bit more discrete and is sensitive in nature for some. There are those, unfortunately, who have not lived in other countries where daily showers are a luxury and would not be able to understand a cultural or environmental reason for people not smelling nice like themselves.


This is my 3rd time trying to answer you about the smell thing. First I want to say Hi to you, Karen and the kids. I think if people shower everyday, there should be no problem. I go to my dentist at 2:00 in the afternoon, and I want to gag, because it's obvious he wants to smell good after working all day. Shower everday and it's all good.

terry tesch August 16, 2011 2:13 AM
menasha WI

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