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August 2011 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

Rules and Regulations
by Jason Marketti
Long ago in one of the many places I worked, a PT did not feel comfortable being a supervisor to PTAs. This did not create much of a problem because there were other PTs who took on that role in the department. I did some investigation recently into what Read More...
by Jason Marketti
Years ago, I was accused of being inappropriate with a patient. The female patient made a comment to a staff member that was vague enough to get me suspended for several days while an investigation was done. Although I was vindicated by the patient's Read More...
Yamas of Therapy
by Jason Marketti
1. Do no harm to the patient. Try to alleviate pain; comfort the patient when they are hurt. 2. Truthfulness to the patient in progressing their care, billing for services and to yourself. 3. Do not steal pens off my desk, especially the black fine point Read More...
Interesting Patients
by Jason Marketti
A patient makes some unkindly remarks about women and others who were taking jobs away from him. Of course this man was retired and to make it more interesting, he and his wife go down to Mexico to have dental work done "because it's cheaper there," he Read More...
Guide for Conduct of the PTA
by Jason Marketti
I am going to pick on the APTA for this session. I rarely question the APTA and I am not a member of the organization so I can do this with an "outsider's" point of view. In November 2010, a guide for conduct of the PTA was issued by the Ethics and Judicial Read More...


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