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Yamas of Therapy

Published August 17, 2011 8:35 PM by Jason Marketti

1. Do no harm to the patient. Try to alleviate pain; comfort the patient when they are hurt.

2. Truthfulness to the patient in progressing their care, billing for services and to yourself.

3. Do not steal pens off my desk, especially the black fine point ones.

4. Be faithful to the job and hours promised. Do not call in a half-hour before your scheduled time and say you cannot come in even if you are per diem.

5. Be patient; do not rush off to see other clients when you have someone waiting for you.

6. Complete your task; do not delegate to the aide. Patients came to see you, no one else.

7. Show compassion in your work, to your colleagues and to your family because they do not see you when your boss makes you work 60 hours a week.

8. Be honest with coworkers who bug you; do not gossip; report to others when coworkers do not know what they are doing and pretend they do.

9. Do not over eat at the buffet line when you go out to eat with those you work with. They may not be impressed like your family is at your ability to pile your plate with two of everything without spilling.

10. Do not be greedy in wealth or deed. Do not load up the PTA with all the max and total-assist patients; do not eat all the holiday candy - save some for the others.

In truth, ethical living rules are a guideline to "live right" and only the individual person can choose this. I am aware of the "real" Sanskrit and embellished some of them to suit the needs of the therapy field.


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