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September 2011 - Posts

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Homeward Bound
by Jason Marketti
I have done home assessments for patients leaving a facility to determine whether they are safe enough to return to their environment. I have walked through fifth wheels, mobile homes, two-story mansions and a clapboard hut built by the owner. Most environments Read More...
My Time Off
by Jason Marketti
Should employers monitor what we do on our days off to determine whether we represent an ideal representative for their company? With multiple sites on the internet where we can post pictures, show off our videos and even tweet our exact doings, are we Read More...
"There's My Therapist"
by Jason Marketti
I have heard this phrase many times as I walked the halls of a hospital or passed by rooms in a SNF. Patients point me out to their family and friends and sometimes it feels good to be acknowledged by the patients and singled out as someone who has made Read More...
Patient Effort
by Jason Marketti
Some facilities I have been to have residents who see us in the halls joking and laughing with other residents and they felt left out so they practically begged to be seen by the therapy department. Once in therapy, they realized all the work that goes Read More...


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