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October 2011 - Posts

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What's Your Rating?
by Jason Marketti
Since there are sites that give a rating to hospitals, medical doctors and other health organizations, why couldn't there be one that rates therapists? Or better yet, a site where customers are encouraged to write in and compliment or complain about services Read More...
Rock Star Status
by Jason Marketti
Suddenly, without warning, therapy has been elevated in the SNF community. With facilities trying to recoup potential monetary loses from the brilliant move by CMS, we now rank above activities and even the hair salon. And, I might add, therapy seems Read More...
The Metric System
by Jason Marketti
Why is the United States the only industrialized nation that has not adopted the International System of Units (SI) as its official system of measurement? Burma and Liberia are the other two nations that have not adopted this system (this may change in Read More...
Balloon Power
by Jason Marketti
There are very few patients who can resist the power of a balloon. It seems they automatically hit it back when it comes directly to them or they lean forward and over to take a swipe when it doesn't. A trial of a beach ball with helium did not offer Read More...


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