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November 2011 - Posts

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How Much Are We Worth?
by Jason Marketti
We do many things besides physical therapy in regard to patient care. We educate patients, praise them, discuss personal issues, make them laugh and fix their assistive devices so they work properly. In my estimation, we are worth about $420,000 a year Read More...
Per Diem Tips
by Jason Marketti
I have worked on and off at several facilities throughout the years and have compiled some tips for those who seek employment outside of their full-time position. After the initial start date and wage negotiation has been done, these are other relevant Read More...
Miles to Work
by Jason Marketti
I commute to work like a majority of therapists. On the way to work, I can create my own anxiety attack about how many patients there will be and how many of them "have to" be seen before lunch. This is not the best way for me to get started on a day Read More...
Evidence Search
by Jason Marketti
If I had evidence that can prove a certain modality does not work as prescribed, would you still use it? And if a large insurance company deemed a treatment "experimental and investigational" and refused reimbursement for it, would you still use it? I Read More...
Career Day
by Jason Marketti
My son recently went on an adventure to learn about careers. Since there was not a slot for him at his first choice, he was placed in an outpatient therapy clinic. The first thing he noticed was everyone being extremely friendly. The therapists at the Read More...


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