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December 2011 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

by Jason Marketti
A patient falls because of a bad decision he made by getting up without calling for assistance or using an assistive device. The facility may see on a yearly survey that they did not provide adequate care for the resident even though all safety procedures Read More...
by Jason Marketti
To enjoy the holiday music I do not have to be particularly religious, nor do I have to be a cowboy to enjoy country music or into rave parties to enjoy trance music. I see people of different faiths gather and listen to children carol in our facility. Read More...
Poster Child
by Jason Marketti
When I walk into a clinic or SNF unit, I look around at the walls. Kind of strange? Not really. I have seen the standard skeleton pictures, the muscles of the body and those other joint pictures that have graced departments for years. (Some have gracefully Read More...
Patient Care and Paperwork
by Jason Marketti
Which one is more important in the grand scheme of health care? If we do not chart on a patient, update progress notes and address the goals, insurance companies may not reimburse for the care we provide and some may question whether we even saw the patient Read More...


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