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January 2012 - Posts

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Stealing Patients
by Jason Marketti
Working for a hospital puts therapists in direct contact with physicians and most specifically orthopedic surgeons. This is where excellent therapeutic skills come into play as well as developing professional friendships with the MDs, who hopefully will Read More...
Parsimonious Care
by Jason Marketti
The American College of Physicians' ethical manual was recently in the news. The debate involved parsimonious care in the delivery of services. I can understand the debate and reasoning behind it but if those same manual writers visited a restaurant and Read More...
One of Those Days
by Jason Marketti
Every once in a while I am on my "A" game and can recall distant facts and functions of muscles and innervations that I learned way back in anatomy class as well as what my mother taught me growing up. Then there is today. I knocked on the door, introduced Read More...
Twenty-Minute Workout
by Jason Marketti
For years I have read about the benefits of a 20-minute workout. I have come across some studies that showed an improvement of strength, endurance and weight loss within six to eight weeks. If this is true, why do we schedule rehab patients for an hour Read More...


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