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February 2012 - Posts

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Everything Possible
by Jason Marketti
We were working on a patient who required extensive assist just to sit on the mat table. After about three weeks, she was able to sit up with a very minimal amount of tactile and verbal cues to self-correct to a midline position. She was getting stronger Read More...
by Jason Marketti
The benefits of co-treating with another discipline (OTs and STs) will allow a patient to receive an intensive therapy session without getting so fatigued that he will not participate later in the day. Usually I am working on safety and static or dynamic Read More...
What's in a Hug?
by Jason Marketti
Recently I told a patient I was going to place a safety belt on her and reached in to attach the belt. She instinctively hugged me as my arms were around her. This was awkward to say the least. I have told male patients that I am going to place a belt Read More...
Technology, Again
by Jason Marketti
A while back, I wrote about how new technology is assisting with patients in the rehab field. I even thought about going back to school to learn more about engineering technology. Then I seriously thought about how this technology is changing the field Read More...
Job Description?
by Jason Marketti
As I was searching the Internet this weekend, I typed in "Physical Therapist Assistant." I came across some interesting descriptions of what I do, or at least what the websites think I do. The first site I came to after the search said, and I quote, "Physical Read More...


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