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March 2012 - Posts

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Sense of Urgency
by Jason Marketti
We had a patient come to us and there were no therapy orders on the admission paperwork. We asked, faxes were sent to the MD and surgeon but there was no response. A week later the immediate need for an evaluation from all disciplines was demanded when Read More...
Weight Bearing
by Jason Marketti
A patient came to the nursing facility with a weight-bearing restriction of TTWB. Hospital notes indicate he walked between 25 and 50 feet while there. The day I saw the patient we were only able to gait about 10 feet before I noted the increase in weight Read More...
Skin Integrity
by Jason Marketti
While working on a patient who still required a mechanical lift, I practiced sitting balance on the mat table and use of the slide board multiple times. It was successful to a degree. The obstacle for success was that no carryover from the nursing department Read More...
My Conference
by Jason Marketti
I recently attended my first "live" conference in more than 10 years. It was one of the most informative and action-packed adventures I've had. I was able to connect with people, collect numbers, share experiences and sample some new technology that is Read More...


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