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Employers and Grudges

Published April 25, 2012 10:17 PM by Jason Marketti

Years ago, I was new to an area and began to secure employment as a per-diem PTA. One of the first places I worked was a hospital. After educating them on the per-diem pay scale, I was hired to work almost every weekend. I explained to HR that I needed full-time work since I had a family but no insurance to cover them and that I would be looking for full-time employment while I worked.

Two months passed and finally I found a SNF who hired me full time. I spoke with the therapists at all the per-diem places I was signed up for and 99 percent of them wished me good luck with my full-time employment and kept me on as a per-diem PTA. The hospital and the therapists I worked with were upset. Naturally so, but since they had the luxury of having insurance by working full time and no children to cover for health care needs, they did not seem to understand my situation. So we parted ways but not as BFFs.

Move ahead several years and this hospital is hiring for a full-time PTA. I apply and there is no response. A month passes and the opening is still not filled, so I apply again. I receive a notice shortly thereafter essentially informing me I will never be hired by their health care system because I did not adequately inform them about my departure as a per-diem therapist. My only wish is to write down the hospital's name, the therapists I worked with and the HR tyrant who blacklisted me so other therapists will be aware of this.


Apparenlty they don't understand what per diem means! You don't get any guarantee of work or hours and they can't expect per diem employees to be waiting around for their phone call to work! I know a few therapists who have several per diem locations and it's kind of first call first serve!

Mary Stapert April 30, 2012 5:00 PM

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