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Other Territory
by Jason Marketti
I was treating a patient and we were alternating between LE and UE exercises. So we rested the legs and worked the arms. I instructed the patient to do "21"s (a fallback to my body-building days) and we really blasted those biceps. Then I was thinking Read More...
A Connection Made
by Jason Marketti
I went into a shop for a service. The person behind the counter immediately greeted me and welcomed me to the store. I was shortly introduced to the owner, who was polite and professional and encouraged me to ask questions about their services. The owner Read More...
Discharged Early
by Jason Marketti
We recently had another patient who seems to have fallen between the cracks in our wonderful health care system. He was initially in therapy for a variety of medical reasons and then a fracture was discovered in the mid-spinal region. Therapy was held Read More...
Planning Ahead
by Jason Marketti
After reading a patient's chart and looking at the eval, I usually have a plan formulated in my head on what I am going to do with that patient. Sometimes it does not go as my well as my meticulously thought-out plan and I feel like running right into Read More...
On Duty
by Jason Marketti
The police, fire department, EMTs and MDs are a few of the professionals that seem to be on duty all the time. In therapy, we are not and in most cases we do not make truly independent decisions. This might be due to the training and thought processing Read More...


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