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A Connection Made

Published May 22, 2012 5:14 PM by Jason Marketti

I went into a shop for a service. The person behind the counter immediately greeted me and welcomed me to the store. I was shortly introduced to the owner, who was polite and professional and encouraged me to ask questions about their services. The owner actually anticipated some of my questions and I figured she had been down this road before when she answered questions like she was reading from a script. But it sounded so natural and she made it look good.

Then I realized I do this same thing at work. I usually have several standard responses for people with questions (it varies slightly but the content and message are the same). And I think I sound natural and make it look good too while saying those things. What I really enjoyed about my visit to this shop was the small talk about cars, places lived and family backgrounds. This lady made an immediate connection, ran with it and did a superb job. I left feeling like her "bestie."

Now, I can make a connection; I can talk about cars, places lived and family backgrounds with patients all day long; but seldom do I become their best friend. I learned from this lady last Saturday -- she taught me about customer service and how I can improve what I do with my patients (customers). Although we are not in the same line of work, we both provide service for people. We both have to make a connection so the customer is satisfied with our work and will tell others about the positive experience they had. I certainly have.

And what was the lady's line of work? She is a tattooist.


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