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Who's My Supervisor?
by Jason Marketti
As I stand in "Helm's Deep" (the therapy department), I echo Theoden's words, "So it begins." The therapist I normally work with was off for the day and I needed clarification about a patient. What do I do? Can I call any therapist who is licensed in Read More...
Tissue Trails
by Jason Marketti
My patient was sitting in the dining room. She did not want therapy and was trying to hide from me. I found her by the Hansel and Gretel tissue trail she left for me to find. For some reason, she carries a box of tissue that is holstered like a six-gun Read More...
Time Limitations
by Jason Marketti
Let me vent about this whole system of seeing patients for a designated time in relation to reimbursements in a SNF setting. It does not work. If a patient comes in and is set at 720 minutes but we only see him for 700 minutes in the assessment reference Read More...
Rotating Cup
by Jason Marketti
For as long as I can remember, patients have been calling the shoulder joint everything but the rotator cuff. I have heard it called the rotary cuff (this is not a spelling error, just the way it was pronounced), rotary girdle, rotated cuff and most recently Read More...


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