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Tissue Trails

Published June 20, 2012 10:10 PM by Jason Marketti

My patient was sitting in the dining room. She did not want therapy and was trying to hide from me. I found her by the Hansel and Gretel tissue trail she left for me to find. For some reason, she carries a box of tissue that is holstered like a six-gun next to her right hip. Plus she has tissue pushed up both sleeves and one or two tucked neatly in her bra strap and on her night stand is a tissue box that is also used as a pencil and paper holder.

This was not the first patient I have seen with tissue sticking out of her like the straw man from "The Wizard of Oz." But it was a first when it came to locating a patient while following a trail of tissue. She asked me how I found her and I told her it was my keen therapeutic insight that allowed me to track down all the patients who need therapy. Then I told the truth and turned her around to show her the trail that she had left. The housekeepers and various nursing staff were cleaning the trail up as I pushed her along to the therapy gym.

While she was standing with the FWW, she dropped the folded tissue that was in her hand. She immediately tried to retrieve it and lost her balance. As I assisted her to maintain her center of gravity, I stepped on the tissue. She was devastated that I would do such a thing. Because not only did I step on it but I left a shoe imprint on it and kicked it away from her to be discarded in the trash. I reached for a brand new box of tissue, tore off the flap and placed it gently next to her left hip. For some reason, this appeased the anger she felt and she has not hidden from me since.


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