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July 2012 - Posts

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Drug Testing
by Jason Marketti
Should mandatory drug testing be a prerequisite to becoming licensed, along with random drug testing for all health professionals? Maybe. My stance on legalizing marijuana can be controversial and until the federal laws change, the status of any drug Read More...
Joint Mobilization
by Jason Marketti
"Spinal manipulation is not designated as being under the exclusive domain of any one specific profession or group of practitioners." So says the APTA; however, the position they take with the PT assistants is that we should not be allowed to perform Read More...
Good Eats
by Jason Marketti
A while back, I mentioned to a patient that I like chocolate chip cookies. For the next several days I was brought some cookies wrapped in a napkin; apparently they had been saved from lunch or from the snack tray that is brought around. I am very picky Read More...
Training the Staff
by Jason Marketti
As new nursing staff members begin to work, I will often introduce myself to them and explain that certain patients would need pain medication prior to therapy. One nurse I spoke with told me he had assessed pain on several people and they did not want Read More...


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