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Drug Testing

Published July 23, 2012 8:57 PM by Jason Marketti

Should mandatory drug testing be a prerequisite to becoming licensed, along with random drug testing for all health professionals?

Maybe. My stance on legalizing marijuana can be controversial and until the federal laws change, the status of any drug that is deemed illegal will stay that way. But what about cough syrup? Should therapists be treating patients while under its influence? The same could be said about almost any "legal" drug like tobacco or headache medications.

I have been drug tested by two companies prior to getting an official offer of employment, and I have been subjected to a random drug test once in my career. (Yes, I passed them all and can pass any drug screen thrown at me). Drug screenings are costly to an employer but can save the company in the long run by preventing an addict from being hired and treating patients.

Maybe states, prior to issuing a license, should consider having the candidate go through a drug screening process. Or better yet, have the schools that produce the therapists screen the students prior to admitting them to the program. Then randomly test them throughout their time in school. At some point, go to your state licensing agency's website and search for therapists who have gotten in trouble. There are sure to be some drug offenses that could have been avoided if that person was screened prior to becoming licensed.

How about you: Would you want to be drug screened randomly to maintain your license?


I disagree that pot users should be vilified for using marijuana on their free own time. We aren't addicts.

Furthermore, WA and Colorado have legalized the use of MJ.

If you really think pot users are bad therapist, you better start checking the urine of MD's, DC's, PhD's, DOC, because I know PLENTY of health care professionals who use pot on their own free time.

I would not care one bit if some one uses pot the night before and took care of my dying loved one.

I used pot all throughout school, and during my time off from all 3 clinicals and I got very good grades, lots of success.

I never once have or ever would show up for work high on pot but what I do in my free time is my business.

Thunder , PTA April 14, 2013 11:16 PM
Seattle. WA

Drug testing plays very important role in everyone's life. If you have an upcoming drug test, you may have concerns about whether or not you will pass. Thanks!

Bariah Chaz, Drug testing September 12, 2012 6:51 AM

I just graduated from PTA school.  We were drug tested before we were accepted in to the program.  Not tested since.  

Kim L July 23, 2012 4:11 PM

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