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Interchangeable Parts
by Jason Marketti
Trying to find wheelchair leg rests in a facility can be tiresome and time-consuming for us. One facility I worked at had a spare bathroom filled with excess wheelchair and assistive-device parts and equipment. After locating all the needed parts and Read More...
100 Gloves
by Jason Marketti
Over the years, I've probably wasted hundreds of thousands of protective gloves. When reaching into the box of gloves to retrieve two, five of them come out and at least one will drop to the floor. When I wore a white lab coat, I used to stuff one of Read More...
Total PT Immersion
by Jason Marketti
As PTs and PTAs, we went through enough testing in school and yet we had to pass one more test to get that magical piece of paper from the licensing board. The problem is that to get that license to practice, we did not have to show any skills to the Read More...
Non-Compete Clause
by Jason Marketti
Something to watch for while negotiating a therapy job is the non-compete clause employers might try to get you to sign. Do not sign it. Brock Lesnar (of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts fame) signed one with the WWE and it almost prevented Read More...


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