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Non-Compete Clause

Published September 5, 2012 9:39 PM by Jason Marketti

Something to watch for while negotiating a therapy job is the non-compete clause employers might try to get you to sign. Do not sign it. Brock Lesnar (of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts fame) signed one with the WWE and it almost prevented him from making a living doing what he does best -- fighting for entertainment.

Imagine signing a non-compete clause with an employer and the caseload at the facility decreases. If you are like me, you need food on the table and a place to live. With a non-compete clause, I may not be allowed to work at another facility because it would appear that I'm providing therapy services for the competition in the area. So in effect the employer is not allowing me to make a livelihood and would prevent me from pursuing my career.

An employer obviously does not want its therapists working at other places for fear they may leave. So a compromise is in order. Sign the non-compete clause but add that you will be paid for a 40-hour work week as long as the non-compete clause is in effect.

My take on the situation is that I'm here to provide the best services I'm able to and if one employer is not able to keep me employed for eight hours a day, I will take my knowledge and experience to another employer that can keep me busy providing therapy services to patients.


There is something worse than a non-compete clause.  An employer, usually a supervisor  not an institution, can black ball you to other employers.  It's done through the "good old boys network" where one manager calls another.  Facilities usually have strick rules on providing references but often calls between friends slip through the crack.

Toni September 5, 2012 5:55 PM

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