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100 Gloves

Published September 19, 2012 9:22 PM by Jason Marketti

Over the years, I've probably wasted hundreds of thousands of protective gloves. When reaching into the box of gloves to retrieve two, five of them come out and at least one will drop to the floor. When I wore a white lab coat, I used to stuff one of the pockets with gloves and some would eventually fall out as I walked along the halls of busy hospitals. And the gloves that found their way into my cargo pants side pockets were easily discarded when I got home.

So I have a proposal for the glove manufacturers (It seems I have a proposal for everybody and everything). Make the gloves fold neatly like tissues prior to putting them into the box. That way when I pull one from the box only one will come out. Maybe this is a ploy the glove manufacturers have invented so health facilities will continue to purchase large quantities of gloves, knowing full well that 10 to 20 percent of them will be wasted by care professionals.

I guess I could be more careful when pulling two out of the box, but when the box is vertical on the wall, it's inevitable some will fall onto the floor. And the box itself tends to rip, causing more spillage of gloves each time some are removed. Maybe a vertical box holder would be more effective and a stronger box would be less wasteful of resources.


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