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October 2012 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

Greater Than 720 Minutes
by Jason Marketti
I like my new patient. He is very motivated, therapy-driven and has an extreme desire to get stronger as quickly as possible. He will not ask any therapy discipline to wait or check back for him later. He will stop what he's doing and go wherever he's Read More...
Therapy Jokester
by Jason Marketti
Humor has been a large part of who I am and what I do. I use my standard joke name, "Frank N. Stein," around this time of year and have the per-diem therapists try and treat him. After looking around the facility for him, they usually realize it's a joke Read More...
Our Meme
by Jason Marketti
When a therapist tells me a patient is "circling the drain" or a "frequent flyer," I immediately cringe at the idea of a professional using those terms. However, I also know exactly what they mean. When we get "knees," "hips" or "backs," they fail to Read More...
PTAs and the Future
by Jason Marketti
I'm sure there are some people who'd like to see the PTA profession disappear and have every patient treated only by a PT. And for those who feel like that, let's discuss what we should do with the PTAs. But first the United States needs to open its borders Read More...


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