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November 2012 - Posts

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Who Directs Patient Care?
by Jason Marketti
A while ago, a patient came into the facility and we were given two weeks to make the patient stronger and safer to go home. The two weeks was what the patient's insurance company authorized. Research shows that a person will need to increase caloric Read More...
A Safe Environment
by Jason Marketti
A therapist's gym is a multipurpose room not only for the staff but also patients. For the staff, it's used for in-services, luncheons and meetings. For the patients we see, the gym is used for exercises to get stronger, a place to encourage and become Read More...
My Inquisition
by Jason Marketti
Like a lot of therapists, I have a full-time position and several per diem jobs that I go to if my caseload is low or when I need extra cash to purchase a large item. Recently I applied to a company that was paying five dollars more than what I'd normally Read More...
'Because I Said So'
by Jason Marketti
A PTA came up to me and asked why a patient was on caseload. The patient recently had a THA, was independent with transfers, able to follow an HEP independently and walking more than 150 feet with an SPC. Vital signs were within normal limits with activity Read More...
No More SOAP Notes
by Jason Marketti
With the advent of electronic health records (EHR) and the ever-changing resources we learn through computer documentation, there doesn't seem to be a need for the SOAP-note format. In fact, if SOAP notes are still taught in therapy school it may be a Read More...


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