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December 2012 - Posts

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New Skills
by Jason Marketti
As we approach a new year, a Festivus miracle occurred ("Seinfeld" enthusiasts will understand this). I had an epiphany about how to be a better therapist in 2013. At first, it made about as much sense as a Chris Elliott book but as I began to unravel Read More...
CEUs for PTAs
by Jason Marketti
In the mail, I received several brochures advertising how to evaluate and treat multiple body parts. All therapy disciplines were invited to attend. Being a PTA, I don't evaluate people so I wonder if I could get a discount because the evaluation aspect Read More...
by Jason Marketti
The first time I heard a nurse call for security, I quickly ran to the room and assisted to keep a patient settled down. At first, I thought the patient quieted down because I was there but as I turned there was a large burly gentleman who took up the Read More...
One Computer
by Jason Marketti
A facility I worked at had one computer. It was used for clocking in and out, as well as to organize a schedule for us. At the time, we weren't using it for documentation but we had to input minutes under the CPT codes. It was also used for new therapists Read More...


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