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One Computer

Published December 6, 2012 7:38 PM by Jason Marketti

A facility I worked at had one computer. It was used for clocking in and out, as well as to organize a schedule for us. At the time, we weren't using it for documentation but we had to input minutes under the CPT codes. It was also used for new therapists to watch the orientation DVDs.

At any given time, there were between one and four per diem therapists and at least one new person watching the DVDs on the computer. There were six full-time staff members as well so you can imagine the wait toward the end of the day to use the computer. Often I would wait to input the data until the next morning, figuring the company would be mad if my productivity was in the 60s because I waited an hour to use the computer. Shortly thereafter, I was asked to input the data before I went home. Sure enough, my productivity slipped and I had to explain why.

Now, at my house we have three computers and two laptops. At any given time, there's at least one computer free for someone to use. If I can afford to have that many computers, certainly a multimillion-dollar company should be able to afford another one for about $500. The company decided not to invest in another computer, so we made do as best we could and some of us had overtime because of the delay in using the computer.

We all tried to input data throughout the day so a back log would not occur at the end of the day, but all it took was a new hire to log in and delay the rest of us as he watched the DVDs to complete the orientation. My current employer has it right on with the use of a laptop so we can do point-of-service documentation throughout the day. How about you? Is there ever a line of therapists to use a computer in your department?


The last place I worked which was a SNF had 11 therapists and when we went to computer documentation there were 3 laptops available for them. The company almost took one away saying that was too many.  I have felt the same as you on many occasions.

Karen Olson, O/P aquatic - PTA February 4, 2013 9:39 AM
Phoenix AZ

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