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January 2013 - Posts

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ICD-9 Codes
by Jason Marketti
Just because a code is billable, doesn't make it the best possible code for a therapy diagnosis. I have certificates in billing and coding and constantly come across codes, such as 719.7, which is difficulty in walking. This can be the "catch-all" code Read More...
My Shoes
by Jason Marketti
I've tried wearing different brands and styles of shoes in the clinic that will protect my feet and stand up to the demands I place on them. Every single pair have split at the ball of the foot due to those demands. I hesitate to wear sport-type shoes Read More...
Fun in Therapy
by Jason Marketti
Therapy can be monotonous at times, especially if I'm seeing too many total joint replacements. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but going through the same routine every day can be a bit boring. I will try and break up the session of therapy and Read More...
A Moment to Shine
by Jason Marketti
Sometimes I'll be the one to initially assess a patient who requires increased intervention by nursing. In a SNF, patients can fluctuate in ability, cognition and activity level, which is often first seen by the therapy department. Typically one of us Read More...
Email Me
by Jason Marketti
This year I want to hear from fellow PTAs. I want to know your thoughts on healthcare changes, working relationships with PTs, and your ideas about increasing the PTA education to a bachelor's level as well as your feelings towards the APTA and the PTA Read More...


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